Verification Badge for Instagram Meta Announces Paid Subscription

Instagramers looks very excited to know how to verify their Instagram account so now Meta, the company of Instagram and Facebook, has launched a new paid subscription for verification badge for its platforms that includes the ability to pay for a Blue tick.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new paid subscription, named Meta Verified, in a Facebook post and stated that the aim is to increase authenticity and security across all services offered.


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First Twitter did on Twitter. After the New CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, received several criticisms when he announced Twitter Blue (a subscription program to have the verification stamp paid on Twitter), it seems that the future of all social networks will choose to use this new method.

News of the program comes as all social media companies are looking to deduct costs and increase revenue, with others like Telegram, Snapchat, and Twitter launching their own services with varying features.

Meta, for its part, recorded its third consecutive quarter of revenue decline this month and, in November, has 11 thousand employees, representing 13% of its workforce, to become a leaner and more efficient company, as it stated. Mark Zuckerberg.

Verify instagram account paid subscription

What Benefits will Users Get to Buy subscribing to Facebook and Instagram Account Verified?

In addition to the blue Tick mark next to the username, the service will have other Benefits:

  • Extra priority protection against impersonation accounts;
  • Customer support Direct access
  • Control and Extra protection against fake accounts, such as people trying to impersonate others, or companies;
  • Good visibility and reach;
  • Exclusive stickers for stories.

In order to obtain the Verification Seal, the user must be at least 18 years old and must send photos of an official personal document issued by the government of their country.

When will Meta Verified be released in India?

It is not yet known when or even if it will be released in India.

What is known is that initially, the program will launch for testing this week in Australia and New Zealand, and soon in new countries.

As India is one of the countries with the highest number of platform users and consequently one of the largest markets for the company, after the initial tests, India will possibly be one of the next countries to receive the subscription service. No worries you will be able to get this service

Final Thoughts 

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