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Do you want to know about How To Get More YouTube Subscribers? Here, you will be given a complete guide about it, which will help you in growing your YouTube channel. To measure the success of your YouTube channel, you have to increase the number of subscribers of the channel, to get YouTube subscribers, you will have to read this blog post completely. After which you get to see more benefits from it, more subscribers on YouTube means more views on your videos. How to get more subscribers on YouTube for free? Repeatedly uploading videos has a significant impact on the number of your subscribers.


However, to increase YouTube subscribers free, you have to increase the quantity of your video posting, after which you can quickly get 1000 free YouTube subscribers instantly. After doing this, you start getting more engagement, likes, and shares on the videos; you know how to get your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, you will have to fill everything in the YouTube channel in a professional manner. By doing this, your audience can become interested in becoming your customer.


If you want to earn money from YouTube, then you should know how to get subscribers on YouTube fast hack. To join the YouTube Partner Program, you need 1000 YouTube subscribers and 4000 public watch hours, and now you can easily monetize YouTube Shorts. For this, you need 10 million views, however, the more subscribers you have on your YouTube channel. You can be successful in benefiting from YouTube as much as possible, and then we need to think about how to get subscribers on YouTube fast. By doing this, you can increase views on YouTube free.


Now, an attempt will be made to explain to you how to get more subscribers on YouTube for free through some strategic tasks, which will tell you in the right way about how to get more subscribers on YouTube trick.


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Let’s Find Out How To Get More YouTube Subscribers (Complete Guide) Are Detailed Below:

1. Publish Long YouTube videos

Suppose you want to know how to get subscribers on YouTube fast hack. In that case, you have to make a strategy to display long videos on your YouTube channel, which can bring you more profit. However, popular YouTube creators also believe that publishing long videos on YouTube can be a good strategy. But for this, we have to provide attractive and valuable content on our YouTube channel, which can keep the viewer engaged throughout the video. To gain our YouTube subscribers, we have to take the help of long videos; for this, you need the help of some steps:

-Plan Your Content:

  • To grow YouTube subscribers, you need to plan your content, so we have to plan our video carefully before recording the video, which is an important task! For this, you have to make an outline and consider the main points that you want to cover with the help of the video.

-Quality Matters:

  • To increase YouTube subscribers, we need to invest in good equipment along with recording. We will need to focus more on clear audio and video quality to keep our YouTube subscribers engaged.

-Script or Outline:

  • How to get more views and subscribers on YouTube We have to use a similar script or outline. Using this method, you cannot create unnecessary and nonsense videos.

-SEO Optimization:

  • SEO is not just for the website! It can help you boost your YouTube subscribers. Use relevant keywords in your title descriptions and tags to optimize keywords on search engines for your YouTube videos. By doing this, you can increase YouTube views.

-Thumbnail and Metadata:

  • Thumbnail and Metadata are of utmost importance to get more YouTube subscribers; they should accurately represent your video content. And along with it, you write a relevant video description.

2. Focus On Video Quality

How do I increase my YouTube subscribers? First of all, we need to pay more attention to the quality of the videos to retain viewers on a platform like YouTube. You may know that high-quality videos make you look more professional, but you also get more experience after watching their videos. However, to increase YouTube subscribers, you have to focus more on video quality, after which it helps you increase YouTube subscribers.

Invest in Good Equipment:


  1. If you want to boost YouTube subscribers in a short time, then you have to use a good-quality camera to create the best video quality. In which the best DSLR or mirrorless camera is for you. However, you can easily create high-quality videos with the help of smartphones like iPhones.


  • Viewers on YouTube love to hear clear audio, and if your videos don’t have high-quality audio. So the audience can also drop your video, so we need to invest in a high-quality external microphone. You can use a shotgun or Lavalier microphone.


  • how to increase followers on YouTube We have to arrange proper lighting in the video and invest in natural light or studio light to increase your YouTube views.

-Tripod or Stabilizer:

  • To keep your YouTube videos stable, use a tripod or stabilizer, which is used to steady your shots and avoid shaky footage.

-Resolution and Frame Rate:

  • Shoot your YouTube videos in high resolution (at least 1080p) to ensure clear quality.
  • Choose an appropriate frame rate (usually 24 or 30 frames per second) to give your YouTube video a smooth and cinematic look.

-Editing and Post-Production:

  • Use professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro to make your YouTube videos more attractive.
  • We need to add transitions, titles, and graphics to enhance the visual appeal of our YT videos.
  • To get more likes on YouTube videos, you can adopt color correction and grading formats.

3. Promote Videos In Your End Screen

We need to pay more attention to our end screen for our How To Get More YouTube Subscribers, which can help you grow your YouTube channel. In this, you have to promote the video on your end screen, in which you have to remind the viewers to engage with our content. And they have to be motivated to become subscribers of their YouTube channel, after which your YouTube subscribers increase.

To get 1000 free YouTube subscribers instantly, we have to use this method properly; by doing this, YouTube viewers start subscribing to your channel. And you start seeing more benefits and results from this.

To understand how to make more subscribers on YouTube, you have to use all the mentioned methods properly in your YouTube channel. Here’s how to customize how to add an end screen to a video on your YouTube channel:

-Access YouTube Studio:

  • First of all, you have to go to YouTube Studio ( and log in to your YouTube channel.

-Select the Video:

  • After going to YouTube Studio, you have to click on “Video” on the left sidebar. And in that, you have to select the video in which you want to add the end screen.

-Edit Video Details:

  • You need to click on the video we have selected and then click on the “Details” tab to go to the settings of the video.

-Add an End Screen:

  • In this, you need to scroll down to the “Video Elements” section and click “Add” in the “End Screen” next to it.

-Choose Template:

  • YouTube provides you with a separate template for the end screen, in which you can easily choose different layouts depending on your choice.

-Add Elements:

  • After choosing a YouTube template, you can add elements like a video or playlist card, a subscribe button, or a link to your website in the final screen editor. To add any element to the video, you have to click on the “+ Element” button.

-Customize Elements:

  • Once you’ve added an element, you can then customize it by selecting that video or playlist. You can easily change the call-to-action text that you want to feature in your YouTube channel. And you can adjust the end screen time at your convenience.


  • You will need to use the “Preview” button to see the final screen. And then you have to make sure it looks good or not.

-Save Changes:

  • When you are satisfied with the final screen for your YouTube video, you need to click on the “Save” or “Save” and “Publish” buttons to save the changes to your video.

-Repeat for Multiple Videos:

  • It is not that you can do this only for one video, but you can repeat this process for any number of videos on your channel.

4. Reply To Every Comment

By using this method, you can find out how can i get more subscribers on YouTube. However, once you start displaying YouTube videos, we need to respond to comments on our YouTube videos. By doing this, you can easily engage with your audience, after using this method properly, you can improve the visibility of the channel. After which, you get to see more benefits of it in your channel, hence, we should reply and respond to the comments coming on the videos of our channel as soon as possible. However, below are some tips to help you respond to comments effectively:

-Be Timely:

  • To increase YouTube subscribers, try to respond to comments on videos as soon as possible after they are posted. By doing this, you can show your audience how active you are and engage with their feedback.

-Be Positive and Courteous:

  • Always maintain a positive and respectful tone in the reactions to your YouTube channel, even if the comments on your videos are negative or critical. You need to avoid getting into arguments or heated discussions.

-Address Questions:

  • If you want to get unlimited YouTube views, then there is a need to give valuable answers to questions related to the video content. By doing this, you can inspire your YouTube viewers to watch other videos.

-Express Gratitude:

  • When a viewer likes your video or subscribes to you, we need to thank him for that. By doing this, he can also ask his friends to subscribe to your channel, and by interacting more, you get more promotions.

-Utilize YouTube Studio:

  • How to get free YouTube subscribers To do it the real way, it is more necessary to use YouTube Studio, which helps you analyze the video thoroughly. You can filter comments with the help of this tool.

5. Use a Brand Watermark

Tips to Get More Subscribers on YouTube: The Brand watermark is a small part that can help you increase more YouTube subscribers. A semi-transparent logo or graphic that appears on a YouTube channel is a subtle way to promote your brand and business or website in your videos. You work to increase your brand identity and encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel; by doing this, you can do how to get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube in a week. So we should use it precisely how to set up brand watermark on YouTube videos:

-Create Your Brand Watermark:

  • If we are working for a brand, we have to design a simple and recognizable logo or graphic. Which represents our brand, channel, or website, and most importantly, make sure it is visually appealing.

-Prepare the Watermark Image:

  • Always remember to keep your logo or graphic square in size (for example, 150×150 pixels) and especially make it semi-transparent to avoid distracting viewers from your video content. Save your YouTube logo as a PNG file with a transparent background.

-Access YouTube Studio:

  • Go to your YouTube channel’s YouTube Studio (

-Go to the Branding Settings:

  • Once you’re in YouTube Studio, click “Settings” in the left sidebar and select your “Channel.”

-Add Your Brand Watermark:

  • In channel settings, go to the “Branding” tab.

-Upload Your Watermark:

  • In this, you have to click on the “Choose Image” button and upload your ready watermark image.

-Set Position and Display Time: You are given useful features on YouTube, so you can choose where you want to put the watermark on your video. (bottom right or bottom left). You need to set the display time:

  • Entire video: In this option, the watermark is visible in the entire YouTube video.
  • Custom start time: You can specify the start time if you want to show the watermark at a specific time as per your choice.
  • Custom end time: In this option, you have to decide when the watermark should disappear.

-Save Your Changes:

  • When your watermark is completely set up, click “Update” or “Save” to apply it.

6. Use The “Power Playlists”

If you want to know how to get YouTube subscribers properly, then you need to know about the playlists of your YouTube channel. After which, you can be successful in increasing YouTube subscribers, and by doing this, you get more benefits. By using Power Playlists, you can attract more viewers to your videos; by doing this, you can see a greater increase in the engagement rate of your YouTube channel. So, use “Power Playlists” to increase your YouTube subscribers, views, and likes. However, some steps to use it effectively on YouTube are mentioned below:

-Create Themed Playlists:

  • We have to choose the niche on our YouTube channel and create content for the audience on the same. Therefore, we need to identify specific themes and topics that viewers are most interested in on your channel. Therefore, you can create your playlist based on the theme of your audience.

-Organize Existing Videos:

  • People now want to know how to get more subscribers on YouTube for free, so we have to go through our existing video library in playlists and categorize the relevant playlists based on the chosen theme of each video. You can add the same video to multiple playlists.

-Optimize Playlist Titles and Descriptions:

  • We need to create catchy titles and descriptions to make our playlists attractive. By doing this, you do not need to think about how to grow YouTube channel subscribers.

-Create Custom Playlist Thumbnails:

  • You can get more YouTube views by using custom thumbnails, so we have to use custom thumbnail designs in each of our playlists to give them an attractive look. We have to tie together how to get YouTube subscribers using branding elements.

-Arrange Videos Strategically:

  • We have to strategically arrange the videos in each playlist and start with the most engaging or relevant ones to attract viewers’ attention and encourage them to watch more of our videos. Keeping videos can be more profitable.

7. Use An Awesome Channel Icon

To grow YouTube subscribers, you need to make your channel icon very good because your channel icon is an essential element of your YouTube brand, which we should not ignore, however, when viewers come to your channel. This is their first impression, which they do not want to spoil. So that’s why we need to create a fantastic channel icon to increase more YouTube subscribers, which can help you stand out from other channels. Here are some tips that can help you create a fantastic channel icon:

-Design a Memorable Logo or Image:

  • To boost your YouTube subscribers, create a simple YouTube channel logo or icon. It should be unique and instantly recognizable so that your channel will be easy to find.

-Keep It Simple and Clear:

  • No matter what your icon looks like, it should be easy to understand, whether it’s small or large! It would help if you avoided clutter and complicated designs to gain YouTube subscribers.

-Use High-Quality Graphics:

  • When you are creating an icon for a YouTube channel, you should make sure that your icon is high-resolution. Blurry or pixelated icons can have a negative impact on your YouTube channel.

-Optimize for Mobile and Small Screens:

  • Keep in mind that any viewer can view your YouTube channel on mobile devices and small screens, so we should test the visibility of our icons at different sizes beforehand. After that, your icon looks correct everywhere.

-Upload and Update:

  • To do this, visit YouTube Studio and click on “Customization” in the left sidebar, select the “Brand” option, and then select your created icon. Make sure it fits perfectly.

8. Make a Channel Trailer

Creating a channel trailer is a great way to introduce new visitors to your how to get more followers on YouTube. You do not need to do much in this. For this, you have to create a channel trailer, which can help in attracting and retaining your customers. However, most of the YouTube channels are not aware of this feature, due to which they are not able to grow much. So here’s how to create an effective channel trailer:

-Plan Your Content:

  • To gain YouTube subscribers, we first have to decide the main message and objective of the channel trailer, keep in mind that it should be short and attractive.
  • Focus on what makes your YouTube channel unique and why YouTube viewers should subscribe to us.

-Script Your Trailer:

Do you know the tricks of how to get more subs on YouTube? If not, then we have to write a script for the trailer in our YouTube channel, in which you tell your viewers what you will show or say to them. Make your trailer engaging and keep it under 2-3 minutes.

-Film Your Trailer:

  • Use a good-quality camera or smartphone with good audio recording to make your trailer look great.
  • Make your trailer look professional like YouTube creators, and pay attention to lighting and sound quality to ensure the experience.
  • In your YouTube videos, do not say anything out of fear of anyone, but speak clearly and confidently.

-Show Highlights:

  • To attract more of our viewers, we have to include short clips or highlights of some of the best or most popular videos in the trailer, doing this should give the audience a taste of the content.
  • To create your brand consistency, highlight your catchphrase or introduction, by doing this, your YouTube channel starts growing. And you get more benefits from it.

-Include a Call to Action (CTA):

  • How to get many subscribers on YouTube: We need to include calls to action (CTA) in videos; this encourages viewers to engage and subscribe to your channel. And we should let them know what they can expect to see in videos in the future.
  • Let viewers know the benefits of subscribing to your YouTube channel, such as receiving notifications of new content.

9. Create a Channel Tagline

It is more essential for us to create a channel tagline to grow YouTube subscribers. However, a channel tagline for a YouTube channel is a short and catchy description that helps you increase your YouTube subscribers. What does a YouTube channel tagline mean? It tells viewers about your YouTube channel. However, with its help, you can use an impressive tagline for branding and attracting your target audience; therefore, we must create an effective channel tagline to make our YouTube channel successful. Here are some steps to create a YouTube channel tagline:

-Define Your Channel’s Focus:

  • We will first need to identify the main topic or focus of our YouTube channel to create a tagline. On what topics do you create your YouTube content?

-Understand Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

  • We have to make our YouTube channel different from channels in other regions, however, what value do you provide to your viewers?

-Consider Your Target Audience:

  • To gain more YouTube subscribers, we need to consider our target audience. Who is your intended audience? What do we know about our audience’s interests, needs, and preferences? To attract them, we need to prepare our tagline.

-Brainstorm Keywords and Phrases:

  • We also have to use keywords for the YouTube channel tagline so that any viewer can easily find our channel. However, we do require that you use keywords, phrases, and adjectives in your tagline that describe your channel and its content.

-Reflect Your Brand:

  • If you want to do how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube, then you have to keep reflecting the brand in the tagline. Therefore, you can easily create a reflection of your brand on the channel banner.

Examples of Effective YouTube Channel Taglines:

-Beauty Channel:

  • “Unleash Your Inner Beauty”

-Gaming Channel:

  • “Level Up Your Gaming Experience”

-Cooking Channel:

  • “Savor the Flavors of Culinary Delights”

-Travel Channel:

  • “Explore the World, One Adventure at a Time”

-Educational Channel:

  • “Unlock the Secrets of Knowledge”

-Fitness Channel:

  • “Empowering Your Journey to Health”

-Comedy Channel:

  • “Laughing Through Life’s Ups and Downs”

-Tech Channel:

  • “Tech Enthusiast’s Playground”

10. Write a Compelling Channel Description

Do you want to know about the correct methods of how do i get more subscribers on YouTube? So you need to know this method. In this, you have to write a compelling channel description so that viewers can quickly become familiar with your channel. And a compelling channel description is essential to give you a clear understanding of your content to your viewers. There are also chances of increasing your YouTube subscribers, and this is mainly used to identify your YouTube channel. Therefore, you need to make it attractive, which can motivate viewers to watch more videos. We’ve shown you how to write an engaging YouTube channel description here:

-Start with a Hook:

  • We need to start our YouTube channel description with an attention-grabbing sentence or question that piques the audience’s interest. This should motivate them to watch your videos.

-Introduce Yourself or Your Brand:

  • To get YouTube views booster free, we have to give more importance to our channel, and in our channel description, we have to introduce our brand or ourselves. Only after that does the audience try to interact with your videos. You can easily share your brand name in it.

-Define Your Channel’s Niche:

  • First of all, you need to tell the main topic of your channel; by doing this, you can easily attract the target audience to your channel. And by doing this, your YouTube subscribers increase.

-Explain Your Value Proposition:

  • How to get more subscribers on YouTube: We need to clarify our value proposition in our description; we need to describe what makes our channel unique or valuable. And what benefit do viewers get from watching your content?

-Promote Your Social Media Links:

  • The most important thing about YouTube channel description is that you can easily include links to your social media profile, website, or other online platforms.

-Example of a Compelling Channel Description:

“Welcome to [Your Channel Name]! We’re passionate about [Your Niche], and our goal is to [Value Proposition]. Join us on a journey of [Description of Content] as we explore, create, and share the best of [Your Niche]. Whether you’re [Target Audience], we have something for you. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an update. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!”

11. Optimize For Watch Time

We need to understand this method to learn how to increase followers on YouTube, which involves optimizing your YouTube content for your viewing time. Which then helps you in promoting your YouTube channel and improving its visibility on the platform, however, when a YouTube viewer watches our video. So, the YouTube algorithm places significant emphasis on watch time, after which it recommends our videos in the feeds of other viewers. By using this method, you can easily find out about how can i get more subscribers on YouTube:

-Create High-Quality Content:

  • To retain viewers and increase watch time on our YouTube channel, we need to create high-quality content. Therefore, we do not have to display any such videos; instead, we have to upload attractive and valuable content.

-Hook Your Audience Early:

  • To know how to increase views and subscribers on YouTube, you have to attract the attention of your viewers within the first 10-15 seconds of your video, telling them what to expect in the video.

-Plan Your Video Structure:

  • Whenever we create a video for YouTube, we should organize it with a clear structure, use an outline or script to keep our content to the point, and avoid unnecessary nonsense.

-Keep Videos Relevant and On-Topic:

  • To increase YouTube subscribers for free, we have to keep the video relevant and on topic. If you deviate from the topic of the video, then viewers consider it necessary to drop your YouTube video.

-Optimize Video Length:

  • To hack how to get subscribers on YouTube fast, we need to optimize the length of the video, so we have to optimize the length of our YouTube videos because the audience can get more entertainment from your video.

12. Embed YouTube Videos In Blog Posts

Do you know about how to increase followers on YouTube? If not! So, by using this method, you will know whether you are the owner of a website. If yes, then good news for you: now you can embed YouTube videos in blog posts as a great way to enhance your content, engage your audience, and provide exposure. Do you know how to embed YouTube videos in your blog posts? For this, we have told you some steps:

-Find the YouTube Video:

  • First of all, you should go to YouTube (, and you should find the video that you want to embed in your blog post easily.

-Click on the Share Button:

  • And you then have to click on the “Share” button below the video player.

-Access the Embed Option:

  • To increase my YouTube subscribers, you can click on the “Embed” option and generate HTML code for you to embed the video on your blog.

-Customize the Video Size (Optional):

  • After this, the first thing we need to do is to customize the size of our video, and you click on “Show More.” You can customize the video size by adjusting the dimensions inside the “Video Size” section.

-Copy the Embed Code:

  • Do you want to increase YouTube subscribers? Then this is the right place! Then, highlight the HTML code that appears in the embed code field and copy it. And then you can do it by using right click on it.

-Publish Your Blog Post:

  • When you fully embed YouTube videos, you need to be satisfied with how the embedded video appears in your blog post.

13. Promote Your YouTube Channel

If you know about the method of how do you get more subscribers on YouTube, then you need to keep this method in mind. However, you have to promote your YouTube channel effectively to reach a wider audience and increase your subscriber base. After that, you get to see more benefits when you promote your YouTube channel with a strategy. By doing this, we see an increase in our YouTube subscribers, however, if you want to promote your YouTube. So here are some specific strategies for that:

-Optimize Your Channel:

  • We have to start by optimizing our YouTube channel for search engines (SEO), in this, you have to find and fill in things related to your channel. After which, you get to see more benefits of it, which includes using relevant keywords in your channel name, description, and about it.

-Create High-Quality Content:

  • If you want to create high-quality content, then by doing this, you can easily promote your YouTube channel. In which you have to create quality content for your audience, this content can help you more in getting your target audience.

-Use Social Media:

  • To gain YouTube subscribers, we have to use our social media platforms, using this method, you can easily promote YouTube channels on other social media. You can get more audience using popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, all you need to do is promote your YouTube channel link on other social media networks.

-Collaborate with Other YouTubers:

  • If you want to achieve more results in promoting YouTube channels, then you just need to collaborate with YouTubers in your area or related fields. By doing this, more traffic can increase on your channel, and this helps in increasing your YouTube subscribers.

14. End Videos With a Strong CTA

Do you want to know how to have more subscribers on YouTube, then you will have to include this method in your list. You have to display it with a solid call to action (CTA) in your YouTube video, by doing this, you get to see more benefits in your YouTube channel. We need to engage our viewers and encourage them to take action that benefits our channel. Here are some tips to help you quickly end your video with a compelling CTA:

-Be Clear and Specific:

  • We have to clearly explain on our YouTube channel what you want from your audience. Whether it’s subscribing to your YouTube channel or liking the video and sharing it with others, just be specific in the CTA.

-Use Verbs and Action Language:

  • For YouTube channel subscriber increase, we have to use strong action and verb language in our CTA; by doing this, you can easily attract your audience just by the tagline. For example, “Subscribe now,” “Click the Like button,” or “Visit our website.” In this way, you can use verb language.

-Highlight the Value:

  • We need to highlight the value to understand how to build YouTube subscribers and explain the benefits of taking the action you are promoting. We have to tell the viewers of our YouTube channel what benefit they will get by subscribing, liking, or following your CTA.

-Keep It Brief:

  • Your CTA should be short and precise for us to understand how to grow my YouTube subscribers. Avoid lengthy explanations or distractions in your closing statement.

-Use Graphics and Annotations (if applicable):

  • If you display videos using graphics and annotations, we want to use them to reinforce your CTAs visually. Now, you can simply include clickable links and buttons, making it much easier for your visitors to take action.


We hope you liked the information we provided on How To Get More YouTube Subscribers (Complete Guide), which you can do to increase your YouTube subscribers. However, if this is not happening, you do not need to worry about this, you can improve your subscribers by using the Buy YouTube Subscribers India and Buy YouTube Views India service. After which you get to see more benefits from it.

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