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How to Delete Instagram Drafts Files – Netsviral Guide

Usually, people as that question how to Delete Instagram Drafts. A lot of Instagrammer like the idea of being able to edit their pictures before they post them and then there are some that just like to upload their picture and forget about them. 

you can spend much more time than you realize editing your picture before you decide to post them. Instagram has a draft feature, which allows you to prepare your upcoming posts in advance, or just manage the videos and photos that you posted on your profile so that you don’t post them without feeling like they satisfy. 

However, if you’ve got too many drafts going at once, you might feel a bit worried, and like you could be a bit more organized. As a result, it’s pretty important to learn how to delete drafts of Instagram files, so that you can keep things in order, and not lose track of the picture that you actually want to upload. 

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What are Instagram Drafts?

An Instagram draft is a feature that is useful for videos or photos that you can edit and upload whenever you want to. A lot of Instagrammers find this feature really convenient so that they can organize their Instagram post feed, without making it look messy, or unfinished. 

With Instagram drafts, you can upload an image with all of the necessary edits, so you can feel like you have done a lot of beauty on your end before it’s uploaded. 

You can make a draft anytime, and then you can save your file in the draft and confirm any changes before you upload a new post. You can add captions and line breaks, and you can also edit your drafts with new effects and increase your images and videos before you upload them.

How to Delete Drafts Files on Instagram

If for some reason you can’t delete a draft on Instagram, then you can do this easily from the Instagram mobile app. You can either delete more than one draft file at the same time, or you can just delete the drafts that you don’t think you’re going to want anymore. 

The first step that you need to do is an open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone device. confirm that you are logged in to your Instagram profile.

Select the plus (+) icon that you will see on your screen, that you typically use to add posts to your Instagram feed. You’ll see this at the down center of your screen. Once you have completed this, you will get a drop-down menu will appear. 

From here, you can select the kind of post that you want to find a draft of. If you want to find a post, choose ‘post’, and if you want to find a video, click ‘reel’. Now, you’re gonna see a button called ‘draft’. 

Click this, and all of your drafts will appear. click ‘manage’, and all of the videos and images that you have in your saved drafts are going to come up on the screen.

Once you have chosen the manage option, you can choose the drafts on Instagram that you want to get rid of. Choose any video or image that you want, and you can select multiple videos or photos at the same time. 


Each photo or video that you want to delete will have a little blue circle with a checkmark associated with it. 

Once you have selected the drafts that you want to get rid of, select ‘discard posts’. This means that they will be deleted. However, if you don’t want to delete Instagram draft files, and you just want to edit them, you can select ‘edit’.

Delete Draft on Instagram from Your Profile

You can also delete your Instagram drafts from your profile page and select the kind of draft that you want to delete. Choose the profile icon that you’ll see at the downright of your screen. 

Now, you need to go to your reels section. This will be the first option that appears up. click ‘manage’ and select the drafts that you want to delete, and then choose ‘discard posts’. Remember, you can always just edit your drafts if you don’t want to completely erase them.

Draft Can Expire on Instagram?

Your saved drafts on Instagram not gonna expire, unless you delete them yourself manually. However, just one thing you know if you log out of your Instagram profile, or you uninstall the Instagram app on your phone, each draft is going to be deleted from your profile. 

Keep this in mind when thinking about making changes to your Instagram drafts in the future.

Final Thoughts

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